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Transcend Cosmetics

Eye Correcting Serum

Eye Correcting Serum

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Our advanced serum that targets fine lines around the eyes


 Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Stimulates collagen to improve firmness

Evens tones & brightens complexion

 Key Ingredients

Bergamot Oil

Citric Acid


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How To Use

Dispense 1 drop of eye serum onto fingertip. Gently pat around eyes and allow to soak in. 


Transcend your under eyes with the Transcend Cosmetics Eye Serum. Triple peptides in this serum activate surface renewal to address concerns commonly found in more mature, dark spots, or baggy under eye skin. Helping to rebuild protein results in visibly thicker and tighter skin around the eyes. This advanced serum also helps to increase circulation, giving the eye area an illuminating appearance while reducing the looks of fatigue. 

Our serum leaves skin hydrated and smooth, providing dramatic results. Your under eyes will thank you for this light weight hydrating gel which sinks into the skin smoother than traditional cream formulas. 

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