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Moisturizing Lip Plumper with Peppermint

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Key Benefits:

Moisturizes dry lips

Promotes the look of fuller lips 

Hydrates lips to leave them soft and silky

Description: Our Moisturizing Lip Plumper is a hydrating and plumping lip treatment, that leaves lips soft and silky, while supporting the look of fuller more hydrated lips. Created for everyday usage this cream Moisturizing lip treatment features peppermint which gives it that refreshing holiday feel and cooling sensation.

Pink Purslane Extract, also known as “Kiss Me Quick”, gives the lips a boost of support. Botanical Extracts found in mushrooms help rejuvenate the appearance of the lips while repairing at a cellular level. 

Our packaging features an easy, no-mess applicator, and  provides a refreshing tingle when applied throughout the day.

Key Ingredients:



Vitamin E